Samarpan School of Yoga (SSY), Himalayas

hatha yoga course in rishikesh

Yoga and ayurveda culture one week

Yoga and ayurveda culture now a days very widly known to all people in rhe world.must of the time we have no time due to busy life in the society.we does have maby stress but we can work out how to manage by getting practice yoga and ayurveda cuture at himalayas or south part of india.we encourage you join our beautiful yoga and ayurveda culture one week ,you will manage your stress and social life. We will guide you how you can practice with right and positive life style by implementing yoga and ayurveda culture in yoyr daily life.we will provide you right food and accomodation which is clean environment in the course of yoga and ayueveda welcome and join us one week yoga and ayurveda culture with vegetarian food at the nap of the himalayan valley, ,Rishikesh,himalayas india