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300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course Rishikesh India .Rishikesh is the abode of Saints, Sadhus Yogis, Masters, Gurus and Gods. 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh, will enhance your life spiritually, mentally and give you a positive understanding of Yoga teacher training and its science. 300 hours Yoga teacher training course Rishikesh India can help and resolve all kinds of obstacles, not only spiritually, but materially, mentally, physically, educationally as well. Yoga is a very ancient wisdom and unique contribution to the humanity. It has come directly from the Yoga Gurus of the Himalayas. 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course at Rishikesh, India need each student has to make its own efforts for the positive results. During the 300 hours Yoga teacher training course Rishikesh India better do not expect too much from the teachers or from the Samarpan School of Yoga. The most important essence of any training is your own openness and willingness to learn and absorb the philosophies and Psychology of Yoga . We have many years experience in teaching of Yoga to the international students and the best advice we can share. And we guarantee it will not be what you think you need.

300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh is an advance training of the Yoga Course, which is help you as a 500 hours Yoga or Tantra Teacher Training Course . We are teaching various types of Yoga such as : ASANAS ,PRANAYAMAS , KRIYAS , YOGA ANATOMY and PHYSIOLOGY, Chakra Yoga , KARMA YOGA , Mantra Yoga ,TEACHING PRACTICE ,YOGA NUTRITION , HATHA YOGA , RAJA YOGA , KUNDALINI TANTRA, BHAKTI YOGA , PSYCHOLOGY and Philosophy OF YOGA ,JNANA YOGA , Tantra Yoga , Meditation, Yoga Nidra .

300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh India , has its own values due to Yoga capital of the World. It has been many famous Gurus and Yogis are did Sadhana in order to attain Samadhi and understanding the meaning of the life.

So you are very welcome to join the advance 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course Rishikesh, India based on Yogic , Vedantic and Tantric perspectives at Swami Samarpan Ashram and Samarpan School of Yoga.

300 TTC all about to training your self not about to teach others only 1. It is very important to give more focus to practice your self the time is available during course.
2. 300 TTC not about practice of the asanas , it is all about how to develop calm and quite ness of the of the mind .
3. Sage Patanjali speaks of asana as sthiram sukham asanam. Does it mean that asana is that in which one is sthira and sukhi, or does it mean that sthirata and sukha are outcomes of practising asana? Sthiram and sukham, stability and comfort, are the outcome of asana practice. Once they are the outcome of the asana practice, the posture itself becomes steady.

Who can sit for five minutes without moving? Stillness does not come naturally, for stillness is not the nature of the senses. The entire body is governed by the senses. Distractions in the body are caused by the senses. Distractions and disturbances in the mind are caused by the senses. When you practise asana, you are not practising a physical posture. The body takes on a physical posture, however the effect of it is to reduce the hyperactivity of the senses. Once the hyperactivity of the senses is reduced, the body enters into a state of comfort and ease. Then a posture can be maintained for a longer period.

Patanjali is advocating only those asanas which are static and comfortable. His first sutra is: Atha yogah anushasanam – 'Now, instructions on raja yoga'. This is interpreted by many people as meaning that raja yoga is a continuation of a previous yoga, and that previous yoga is hatha yoga. By the time you come to raja yoga, you have done all the physical movements that you need to do. Therefore, the focus of raja yoga is not on the practice of asana, but on the maintenance of the physical posture.

Even if you do vrischikasana, sirshasana, mayurasana, or surya namaskara, in a manner in which you are experiencing steadiness and comfort in all the different movements and postures, you will be fulfilling the criteria of Sage Patanjali.

The stillness of body and mind in a posture will lead you to pratyahara, introversion. Although stillness and comfort are the outcome of the asana practice, you have to remember that the statement is being made in relation to the stillness leading to pratyahara 300 Hours TTC keep focus what you have been practice in 200 hours, also lots of things in TTC need to repeat and it is normal. Without basic and intermediate techniques you can go forward. Regarding Kundalini, need lot of mental stability and physical stability. However, many students are not ready for Kundalini Tantra to practice , it is not about physical trainings and it is mental and psychological trainings.

Kundalini practice need no argument and no logical discussion simple surrender to teachings. Regarding food is not about what you eat, it is important, what you can digest. During course the student should not eat in market out site except fruits. Each student has personal difficulty, that need to self acceptance without blaming to institutions. However, all teachings will be as per mental and physical abilities of the students. All kind of teachings of TTC will be traditional as per Samarpan School of Yoga.

Daily note book to manage by hand written not by digital, hand written helps for the meditations and concentration.
All desires of the student can not fulfil and students has to abide all teaching guide lines.

Note :
One may join this course after completion of the 200 hours TTC on Yoga or Tantra of any Yoga Alliance.

Daily Schedule of TTC except Sundays Holiday:

  • 07:00 am: Wake up
  • 08.00 am to 10.00 am: Practice of TTC
  • 10.00am to 10.30am : Breakfast
  • 11.00 am to 12.30 am: Practice of TTC, which is Karma Yoga /Seva/ Service without expectations
  • 12:30 am to 01.00 pm... Self Study Part of TTC
  • 01.00 pm to 01.30 pm... Lunch
  • 03.00 pm to 03.15 pm... Tea Break
  • 03:30 pm to 7.30 pm... Theory, Practice of TTC and self study
  • 07:30 to 8.00 pm....Dinner
  • 009.00 Rest


Kundalini Tantra, Yoga Nidra, Chakra Yoga,Khecheri Mudras, Nauli,Agnisara Kriyas, moolabandha, all kind of Mudras and Bandhas, Philosophy of Yoga and Tantra, Anatomy, Meditations from Tantra, Karma Yoga, Mantra Yoga. Pranayama Yoga, Asana Yoga. Read more

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Karma Yoga is a vital part of the course in order to express inner emotions into positive actions, which is an essential for the management of the daily life in the usa .
What Includes : 3 meals per a day, hot drinks, study certificate & sharing accommodation

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