200 Hours Yoga ( Meditation ) Teacher Training Course

meditation is a word in Sanskrit Dhyana yoga
Dhyan Yoga is a different aspect of yoga in order to attain Shamadhi Super Consciousness. meditation therefore helping balance of the mind in order to harmony, peaceful ,happiness within. The ultimate meditation is to develop and transform different faculties of the brain . The faculties of the brain concern with our emotions, passion, anger, in order to express them. Therefore meditation is a very important to express and transfer of our emotions, passion, anger and different negativity of the mind. meditation is a technique in order to understand daily life of stress and strain and how to free from them .Without meditation is very difficult to manage stress and strain in a daily life.

Through meditation in a daily life one can be transform the social life in a positive life style . Regular meditation also helping positive management of the life . and Pranic Energy . Pranic Energy is the root cause of our positive life style and good Samskars. Meditation is a key practice of the awakening Kundalini Chakra Energy.

Meditation is a key practice of all traditions and religions in order to attain the consciousness of God the supreme. The aim and goal of the meditation in order to be free from Karma up sufferings , in order to attain the Freedom , Experience real Love , Truth , Light and Wisdom within.

So finally practice of the meditation leads to final Liberation.
Therefore meditation Teacher Training Course is a unique Training among the all trainings of Yoga , Tantra and Spiritual Science.
Philosophy of the Meditation
Psychology of the Mind
Science of the Pranayama
Physical Body and its Anatomy
Applied Science of the Meditation.
Meditational Yoga Posture
Panchkosha and PanchaBhuta
Introduction to the Kundalini Tantra and the Chakras
In case if you wish can join for one week on special request

Daily Schedule Teacher Training Course:

  • 07:00 am: Wake up
  • 07:15am to 09.00 am: Meditations, Asanas , pranayamas, Mudras, Bandhas and Kriyas
  • 09:00am to 09.30am: Breakfast
  • 10:00 am to 11.30 am: Karma Yoga
  • 11:30am to 01.00 pm.... Main lecture in philosophy and Psychology
  • 01.00pm to 01.30 pm... Lunch
  • 04.00 pm to 04.15pm.... Tea Break
  • 05:00 to 800 pm...: Practical aspects of Yoga how to teach? Adjustments or sight seeings or meeting living Gurus of Ashrams, Satsangs
  • 08:00 pm..,..Dinner
  • 09.00 Rest
  • Start Date
    End Date
    Fee of the Course
    10th January 2019 30th January 2019 €1100
    10th February 2019 2nd February 2019 €1100
    10th March 2019 30th March 2019 €1100
    10th April 2019 30th April 2019 €1100
    10th May 2018 30th May 2018 €1100
    10th June 2018 30th June 2018 €1100
    10th July 2018 30th July 2018 €1100
    10th August 2018 30th August2018 €1100
    10th September 2018 30th September 2018 €1100
    10th October 2018 30th October 2018 €1100
    10th November 2018 30th November 2018 €1100
    10th December 2018 30th December 2018 €1100

    Course TTC fee 1100 euro

    Please Note: All Banking Transfer charges will be responsible by the Customer.
    Note that once paid the fee of the any course , the fee is non refundable at any cost

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