Panchagni Vidya

Panchagni Vidya (Sanskrit: पञ्चाग्नि) means - meditation on the five fires. Panchagni Vidya or knowledge appears in the Chandogya Upanishad (Chapter V 3-10) and the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad (Chapter VI.2). It is one of the forty-one prescribed Vedic rirtuals. In Panchagni vidya, which vidya is a specific kind of wisdom, the symbolic Agni (fire) is the object of meditation and has five important aspects – the three worlds (the heaven, earth and intermediate space), man and woman. Which Panchagni Vidya is taught in connection with the "Doctrine of Transmigration (Kayakalpa) of souls" as the "Doctrine of descent". This vidya was taught by the royal sage, Pravahana Jaivali, to Svetaketu, son of Uddalka aruni. Panchagni vidya belonged to the Khśatriyas. Uddalaka aruni was the first Brahmin to receive this knowledge. Panchagni Vidya as per mythology mother Parvati the consort of Lord Shiva done by first time in order to attain Shiva Tattva., the total liberation. As per Sadhana , the Sadhaka sitting in the middle as represent Sun and around four fire Kunda.It is not for the ordinary sadhaka or common yoga sadhaka , this vidya done by Sannyasin those who have no personal agenda and visions for the welfare of the whole humanity and world peace. Panchagni Vidya all about master of five fire skills , the kama (desires), the krodha (Anger), the lobha (greedy), the moha (attachment), the Madya ( all belong to me or self centre). Panchagni Vidya begins Uttarayana and concludes begins of Dakhsinayana. Uttarayana is the auspicious time for the total liberation and suitable for all kind of spiritual sadhana. Panchagni Vidya balancing the whole environment and nature.


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